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“The biggest space explosion ever” gets spotted in 2020

space explosion

Space had always been a mysterious place for humans since our origin. Along with speed rocketing development of science and technology, everyone got to realize the remarkable phenomena it performs. However, the term space explosion came into revelation after World War II. This was with the curious detections of gamma-ray explosions from the satellite detectors. The main reason was installed to detect human nuclear weapon activities from space.

The unbelievable energy of space explosions

The transient nature of the gamma-ray explosions proves how dynamic the universe is. These explosions usually occur at black holes and neutron stars. Their formation or depletion as they hold very powerful magnetic and gravitational fields. These are detected as light waves. The most exciting fact is the amount of energy it releases within a very few milliseconds. Scientists explain that it is so huge such that it is the brightest we can ever imagine. This is a million times more luminous than all the stars in the universe. 

The two classes of space explosions

BATSE, a gamma-ray burst instrument sent to space by NASA in 1991, sent data with two common types of bursts it detected. One type lasted for a few milliseconds. The other type was glowing for 30 seconds or longer. It was evident that the two explosions had different sources. However, it took a long time to detect that those short bursts were cosmic collisions. Also, long explosions were from dying stars, which cause supernova explosions.

The biggest bang ever

An incredibly massive black hole about 390 million light-years from the earth exploded. A group of space scientists witnessed the biggest exploration and this was the biggest. The energy released is incomprehensible to any other power ever existed. Simona Giacintucci from the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC, USA, is the lead author of this exploration, and Prof Johnston-Hollitt from Australia had done further investigations upon the case. 

The space explosion created a massive dent in the famous Ophiuchus cluster of galaxies. It had a curved edge around it, and the scientists made predictions about the explosion, concluding it had taken place in the wall of a black hole cavity. The Murchison Widefield Array (MWA), Australia The Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT), India confirmed the theory with the low-frequency X-Ray data they detected with telescopes. It reflected like a bubble immersed in hot X-ray plasma of the galaxy cluster. Then scientists discovered that this bubble core had radio plasma filled inside. 

This explosion is the biggest bang ever recorded in the known history as it exceeds the energy of the previous big hit of the MS 0735+74 galaxy cluster. 


The most secretive and mysterious place one can ever dream of is undoubtedly the universe. It is flourishing, depleting and constantly renewing even at this very second. Who knows how many “undetected” massive space explosions it holds which may be much bigger than the most significant bang ever detected by humans? Still, it remains a mystery.

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