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Weird food that people eat

weird food that people eat

Different parts of the world have different tastes. Although we all need food for our survival, it is a form of art and part of soul for most people. Culinary tastes differ in various parts of the world as are their diverse cultures. Let us take a look at some of the weird food that people consider as delicacies.

1. Rocky mountain oysters – USA

rocky mountain oysters, weird food

Unlike the name, Rocky mountain oysters are not actually oysters. They are bull’s testicles. These are considered delicacies in Western US, and contain vitamin C and iron. In Denver, people use it to add flavor to beer. Don’t be surprised if you unknowingly order a fancy type of oyster and you get bull’s balls. https://whatscookingamerica.net/History/RockyMtnOyster.htm

2. Fried tarantula – Cambodia

Although people in Cambodia initially started eating this during a period of famine, now it is a popular dish. Surprisingly it tastes like crab. It is definitely a weird food but it provides protein in your diet.

3. Casu Marzu – Italy

maggots, weird food

It is a dish in Sardinia which has aphrodisiac properties. Due to this, although banned by law, people seek this cheese with live maggots in them. Yes, you heard right. It contains rotten cheese with live maggots. It is unsafe to eat if the larvae die. The larvae can jump 6 inches when eating so diners have to keep their hands above the cheese when eating.It can cause significant health concerns. Therefore the local officials have banned this weird food. But it is available in black market because of the high demand.

4. Chicken feet – Asia, Carribean

fried chicken feet

Whats not to eat in a chicken? Maybe feathers. But definitely not chicken feet. It is a dish served worldwide, mainly by Chinese restaurants. Although it may be a strange food to eat, it has lot of nutritional values. It can be beneficial for your skin, bones and calcium and collagen.

5. Haggis – Scotland

This is the national dish of Scotland. It is made using heart, lungs and liver of sheep. First they make a pudding with all these organs and add oat and spices to add flavor. Then, the mixture is wrapped in sheep’s intestine and cooked.

So what weird food would you like to eat if you had the chance?

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