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Preparations before an epidemic

corona virus

The world had faced some massive losses of lives. The reasons were wide-spread pandemics like Spanish flu, SARS which brought about drastic changes in the normal lifestyles of people. Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) is such a virus that put the whole world into chaos within a short period. Wuhan, China was the first to record a COVID-19 patient. It began to spread slowly into fellow countries like Korea, Singapore. Also moving further to Iran, Europe, and the United States and now, to the whole world. 

What is Corona Virus and how to identify it?

Corona Virus had always been there in human systems as a type of virus that causes cold and cough. However, the novel Coronavirus had never been recorded before inside a social system. Therefore, finding a quick treatment has been delayed.

The most common symptoms include sore throat, shortness of breath, cold and cough, fever and breathing difficulties. When it becomes severe, the virus causes Pneumonia, kidney failures, and, eventually, death.

Raising public awareness of the Corona virus in United States

Unites States had recorded around 4773 cases of Corona up to this date. The population density is very in the US. Therefore, the government and media had raised public awareness of preventing Corona. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had warned a period of isolation is possible to the US; thus, the public events and regular daily routines may face many changes. This is a result of an either in a mild or a severe condition of the pandemic.

Primary steps of prevention

Corona infection still does not have any proper vaccine. The safest way is to prevent exposure to the virus. The necessary steps of prevention include,

  • Covering up the mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing.
  • Washing the hands properly with soap before touching the face and eyes.
  • Sanitizing the surfaces that may have the virus growing on.
  • Having a balanced diet with food that increase immunity.
  • Avoid public gatherings as much as possible.

Community guidelines to follow during an epidemic

It is always the best to stock food, over the counter drugs, prescribed medications. Also, household supplies are another priority. It is always better to stay at home if you are sick as it prevents further spread of the disease. Daily mass gatherings like schools, child care centres may promote to keep your child home if he is not well. However, if the epidemic persists, the state can shut down those places for the best of being cautious. Until the fever conditions stay below 100.4 Celsius, employees require to work from home. This is the best method to overcome the gatherings at offices if possible. If you get sick while being at home, which is possible as the symptoms are evident after 14 days of exposure, it is better to access medication and wear a face mask whenever possible.

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