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Corona virus threatens Sports events – Cancel or Continue?

Corona virus

Every year, the world gets many thrilling international events of sports. The games bring about a hostile, yet a mutual sensation of rivalry. However, the ending of 2019 made the world keep its hope down upon some exciting events of sports in 2020. These include the Olympics and Paralympics, Euro 2020, and Six Nations. The primary cause is the rapidly spreading epidemic, the novel Corona virus.

Latest updates of the Corona virus

You can get the latest news from https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus. The worst scenarios are in Italy, as of today, after China, where the Northern part is currently in lock-down. The infected cases exceed 17600 while the death toll had risen to 1266. Total deaths exceed 5443, with most of them are from China.

Will Corona virus stop the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics?

Olympics and Paralympics 2020 are scheduled in Tokyo, Japan. Around 206 Nations are to compete in the Summer Olympics. Paralympics commences in August and lasts till September with a significant participation of around 4400 athletes. Yet, Corona virus may alter this world’s most loved function of sports of all the time.

Euro 2020 remains doubtful

The famous football league is to start on 12th June in Rome, with matches in 12 different venues. However, the wide-spreading Corona virus threat in Italy may thin the chances of holding the event. The England vs. Italy warm-up match i also cancelled due to this situation.

Six Nations seems already cancelled

The international Rugby tournament had already canceled its commencement of England vs. Italy match. Also, the Ireland matches are postponed, while Singapore and Hong Kong rugby games changed their dates to October 2020. The tournament seems to remain incomplete this year due to the Corona virus outbreak.

Formula One still remains doubtful

The upcoming racing events in Australia, Vietnam, and Bahrain remain doubtful for its commencement. This is due to the fact that confirmed cases of Corona virus are increasing in Australia. Thus, Formula One remains uncertain this year. Codogno outbreak in Italy had made Ferrari to shut down its factory visits to battle against this epidemic.

The other sports events and tournaments

Other worldwide sports events are postponed/canceled for the year 2020. Tennis, Badminton, Snooker, Boxing, London Marathon, Darts, Moto GP, and Triathlon are among these sports events. Thus, in conclusion, it sure seems that this virus will cancel almost every sport events, in the foreseeable future!

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