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Dance Monkey – longest-running No. 1 song ever


The beat of the bass line and the plunk of the keyboard is a familiar tone closer to the heart of a street musician. The melody of their lives is brought out by singing, which, they immensely enjoy yet, struggle too. However, there come the days with magical twists where the street hits across the whole world within a short time. Tony Watson, a 26-year-old street music player who played as the solo band ‘Tone and I’ would never have thought her song – Dance Monkey would crown the World of Music, the same.

The Dance Monkey – before being famous

Tony, who moved to Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, was a local busker who lived solely on the tips of the passers-by. She became famous due to her voice being distinct, sharp and well-toned. She made her first local success with the song “Johnny Run Away,” which gained considerable fame. Her management team insisted her to hold her next solo as “Johnny Run Away” was becoming a hit. 

Meanwhile, she came up with “Dance Monkey” while she was in a closet, just within 30 minutes.  First, it was a mesmerizing live performance done free for the public. The unique music and tone grabbed many listeners, along with the straightforward and intriguing lyrics. The song then leaped and made a global sensation!

The rocking popularity of Dance monkey

Tones and I directly made it from street-to-stage within days after Dance Monkey got produced by Konstantin Kersting. She was the second female artist to secure her place at the top of the ARIA chart, Australia. The song holds the record of the longest-running No. 1 song ever. The song hit across the globe, reaching the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, and around 20 other countries. In the United States, it gained vast popularity by making it to the top 5 of the Billboard Chart, becoming shoulder to shoulder with most famous bands like Maroon 5 and Billie Elish. Current YouTube views of the official music video of Dance Monkey have exceeded 665 million, while securing its crown at Spotify, with more than 1 billion streams. 


The song crucially explains the life of a street performer. It narrates the story in a way to mean that it is difficult to keep the people around him all the time as their attentions often lingers away. Thus, he feels like a trained monkey who is to perform, no matter how he feels internally. Tony had highlighted all the hardships she had faced during her busking, just with very simple yet powerful lyrics.

The music video 

Dance Monkey music video has nothing special to do with the real meaning of it. It had become so unique with Tony performing herself as an older man. Therefore, the video made a real hit despite being recorded with a low budget.

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