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“The Call of the Wild” – The movie through which nature calls your heart

Call of the Wild- Photo Courtesy Disney

The beauty of nature is the most glorious scenery one can ever feel in their lifetime. Humans, being one of the most intricate creations of nature, still may find their natural instincts while enjoying the pure wilderness. This tranquil, innate feeling had always been a topic for many exquisite pieces of literature and theatre. “The Call of the Wild” is a similar film based on the short adventure novel by Jack London narrating the story of a dog called Buck.

The Story of Buck

Buck, a Scotch Collie-Saint Bernard crossed pet dog, gets kidnapped by from his home in California and sent to Alaska to be trained as a frontier dog in a dog sledge team.  He learns how to survive in very harsh conditions and faces life with the utmost bravery, where his fate again brings him bad luck. An evil prospector buys him from whom he finally flees away to the hands of a kind man, John Thorton. The duo soon shares a very heart-warming bond and soon starts exploring the enigmatic and ravishing wilderness. Buck finds a pack of wolves in the wild, and after a few explorations together with his human companion, Buck finally feels this natural world is the place he really belongs. He then embraces his natural wildlife instincts and joins the pack of wolves as one of them.

How they made the movie-The Call of the Wild

This film was by and produced by in Hollywood. It hit the theatres this February 2020. Almost every location of the movie is computer generate imageries or CGI s, which bring out the most mesmerizing sceneries to its spectators. The protagonist of the film, Buck, the dog, is a precise and lovely character. Its facial and body expressions are more sophisticated than a natural dog. Thus, this CGI Buck fulfils all the desires of the movie by acting without any dialogues. 

Harrison Ford, the renowned actor, plays the leading human role of Jack Thorton. Ford personally adores the movie with his famous background of environmental activism.

Where the Call of the Wild meets nature

Although Jack London brought out some harsh and dark truths of Yukon, the Gold Rush, or dog sledging, the film focuses more on conveying the message of conserving this beautiful nature. The movie uses very strong imageries of pure glory of the wilderness, contemplating the viewers to live in their most serene state of mind. Meanwhile, it brings out a great picture of the drastic climatic changes, man-made disasters, and pollution of nature. Making Buck represent the reality to where all the creatures precisely belong; the movie brings out the delight and contentment one can feel in the hands of mother nature. It directly speaks to the heart of us, more naturally.

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