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The best jobs offered by America and how to get them

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America is considered the most powerful country in the world in many aspects. Mostly in careers and finance. It is visited by thousands of immigrants who strive to obtain a decent job with a reasonable salary to cover their expenses and also to save for future references. As a foreigner to America, it is essential to stay updated about the most demanding jobs; the States offers annually and the vacancies available. Apart from that, one must be very competent in getting the position he seeks by fulfilling all the qualifications the employers demand.

The challenges

Working in America subtle is meant getting the approval of Work Visa via obtaining sponsorship from your current employee. However, the following challenges are the most common ones that you may across.

  • Some employers require your work visa despite all the qualifications you had fulfilled. 
  • Others would hire you yet refuse to sponsor your work visa. 
  • Some interviewers never reply, and some job offers do not respond to you at any rate.

How to overcome the downfalls?

Major reality is becoming open to every opportunity despite your profile, qualifications, and expectations. The companies that would hire you by sponsoring your work visa are less than 5%; thus, the new chances are most likely to become the exact opposite of what we expect. But it does not mean doing anything that you get. Here are some tips for preparations.

Have a clear career plan and become aware of the basic requirements for jobs in your field of interest. Then, do not forget to prepare a good resume targeting the jobs you seek. It is always ideal to state your visa sponsorship request and select the companies accordingly. Then it is best to know whether your field tallies with the best jobs in America because if you are highly qualified, you will be able to compete with confidence.

The best jobs offered by the USA

These job offers had made the top of the list due to the high number of vacancies, excellent job satisfaction, and fair basic salary. The job satisfaction rate is highly considered, as working with passion is a fact of increasing the productivity of both employee and employer. Science and Healthcare, Finances and Management, Engineering, and Automation are the fields with excellent job opportunities.

Data Scientists had become the top with a basic salary of $110,000, which had rated a job satisfaction rate of 4.6.

The Marketing Managers, Occupational Therapists, Electrical Engineers had rated as the best next with basic salary ranging from $105,000 – $80,000. The job score is around 4.5.

Although the Nurse Practitioners, Management Consultants, Project Managers, and UI Developers have an excellent basic salary ranging from $95,000-$110,000 their job score is around 4. Best jobs with the least basic salary include HR journalists and Executive Assistants.  

Wrapping up…

Finding the best job and getting your dream life in the USA is not much of a difficult task if you carefully adorn your career goals and be ready for the competitive yet abundant opportunities in the Land of Riches, USA. 

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