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Higher education in US VS Europe

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Are you planning on choosing a university? Well, hold your horses. There are some major points you need to weigh before you make a decision. Modern university system started in Europe with University of Bologna. There are stark differences between american and European university systems. But, recently, there have been some reforms which might change these differences. Anyway let us take a look at some aspects you might want to consider before you make a decision of a lifetime.

1. Cost

First and foremost, one should be able to afford the education. In the US, this means paying a hefty sum. One may have to pay student loans for their entire life. In contrast, European universities have little to no tuition fees for their citizens. This makes a big difference if you are a European citizen and planning on moving to USA for higher education. Ultimately, this also means there are less funding for the European universities. It does not necessarily mean the quality will be low. But it does impact the overall ranking of the Universities.

2. Accommodation

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In the US, the college students are living in dormitories in the campus premises. Campus dorms and fraternities make big part of university culture there. On the other hand, European university students live in student apartments off campus.

3. Curriculum

American universities have more assignments and essays when compared to European universities. This is probably due to higher tuition fees. This compels tutors to push the students to their best. Higher education in USA is more competitive. Whereas in Europe, it is more relaxed. Also the language of study is mostly English in European campuses now. This allows more foreign students to follow undergraduate degrees. In USA, students can spend the first year or so studying multiple disciplines. This allows them to choose a specialty easily. But in Europe, you have to choose an independent degree program and go with it.

4. Infrastructure

Due to better funding, American universities have higher number of professors. It makes it easier for students to interact with teachers. Also, the labs and libraries have high technology. However, due to poor funding European universities may lag behind.

If you need a deep analysis comparing the differences of higher education in US vs Europe, we recommend you to go through this article. http://www.laccei.org/LACCEI2010-Peru/published/IGE082_Gapinski.pdf

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