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Fantastic grand mothers and what do they do?

Have you heard of Fantastic grandmothers? If you haven’t you better educate yourself. Because they are the awesome senior ladies who are amazing in helping out science and photograph deadly sea snakes. How bad-ass is that?

Who are fantastic grandmothers?

fantastic grandmothers

They are a group of seven ladies in their sixties and seventies. They love snorkeling around Baie des citrons in the island of New Caledonia off the coast of Australia. It has bright blue oceans full of marine life thus is the perfect paradise for a marine biologist. Dr Claire Goiran and Professor Rick Shine , marine biologists have been researching about deadly sea snakes in the pacific ocean. But they had little luck in photographing them. The snorkeling grandmothers came to their rescue.

They offered to help photograph deadly sea snakes and help the scientific community. They head underwater equipped with their cameras and take photos of the venomous snakes. Mrs. Monique Zannier, 75 who is one of the grandmas says she has photographed hundreds of snakes and is not afraid to be near them. When a sea snake approaches them, they lie very still so that the snake will leave them alone.

What have they achieved?

When Dr. Clair started her research she could only document a deadly sea snake 6 times in 2 years. But that soon changed with the help of the fantastic grandmothers. They helped discover 249 venomous snakes alone in their territory. These findings were published in a journal called Ecosphere. Apparently, the scientists were amazed at the vast number of lethal snakes in the area as there were no lethal bites reported. This has helped them realize that these creatures are harmless if not provoked.

All these would not have been possible if not for the dedication and enthusiasm of the grandmothers. Their passion for snorkeling and passion for science teaches us that you are not too late to achieve bigger things in life.

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