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Coca cola – can it affect our health?

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Coca cola or coke is a household name. It is sold in over 200 countries and made by Coca cola company in Georgia, Atlanta. This all time favorite fizzy drink is known to cause bad effects on your health.

Ingredients in coke

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Coca cola has carbonated water with sucrose, phosphoric acid, caffeine, colors and its specific flavor which is a secret. The formula for the secret flavor is in a bank vault with access to only 2 company executives. In the earlier days, coca cola used to contain cocaine. That is how it got its name.

Health risks of coke

The phosphoric acid in this drink can harm our bones. Since it is very acidic, when you submerge a tooth or a piece of bone in coke, it will dissolve in 10 days. When bones are slowly eroded, it releases calcium which will end up in kidneys leading to formation of kidney stones. In the long term, drinking coke can lead to osteoporosis.

Coke also includes ethylene glycol, type of antifreeze in small amounts. It contains Arsenic. So if you drink 4 litres of coca cola in 1 hour, it may be enough to kill you. In fact, the winner of a drinking competition in Delhi fainted after drinking 8 bottles.

It can also lead to depression, sleep disorders, ADHD in children and even cancer.

The dirty secrets of the company

The coca cola company is one of the dirtiest companies. It used cartoons to make it popular among kids and is responsible for childhood obesity, diabetes and many other diseases. It dumped industrial waste from California to India.

In India, it has come under fire for straining and polluting water resources.. Nine union leaders died in Colombia after criticizing the company. Activists say that the company hired thugs to silence those who were against them. There are protests against “killer coke” with actions calling for boycotting it around the world.

Some of the uses of coke

Coca cola can clean toilets. The acidity is strong enough to remove stains that are hard to remove. You can also use it to clean the ends of your car battery. It also helps to remove grease stains from cloths. Not only that, It even removes blood stains.

With all these health risks, you should really use your brain before drinking coke again.

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