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Bryan Adams – How he got into music!

Bryan Adams at the TaxSlayer Center -- August 15.

Bryan Adams is one of the top-most musicians, competing with the likes of new-born millennial artists. In the present day, he is conducting ‘Shine A Light’ tour, all around the world. During his visit to Helsinki, Finland, he tells the audience how and what made him get into music! Further, he discusses about what made him develop the ‘Straight from the heart’ song. It is emotional to him, since he talks about his parents!

Bryan Adam’s childhood

He talks about that when he is around 15 years old, he has a discussion with his parents. His parents tell him that they have saved $1000 for his future. Remember, this is almost around the 1970’s. The little Bryan Adams then tells that he wants to be a musician!

Mother of Bryan Adams – who made it happen

Adams’ mother then agrees with him and lends him the money to get himself a piano! He then buys one and practices. However, he then says that it was too difficult to him, which ultimately led him to play the guitar! We as the rest of the world, is gratuitous for that!

Bryan Adams’ parents

Bryan Adams then becomes emotional and tells the audience that he lost his father two years back. He also says that his mother is currently hospitalized, and is 92 years old! Her dream is to get to the 100! One must applaud this guy for not cancelling his already scheduled concerts all around the world, amidst this family problem.

Birth of ‘Straight from the heart’ song

He then thanks his parents for believing in him, and allow him to catch his dream! The song ‘Straight from the heart’ has sprung from this idea! Check out the video below where he discusses this with the crowd.

Bryan Adams’ life story

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